Diabetes Kongress 2019
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Dr. Henriette Kirchner
Dr. Henriette Kirchner conducted her PhD in the lab of Prof. Matthias Tschöp and discovered that the hunger hormone ghrelin is rather a meal-preparatory signal rather than a hunger hormone and studied the mechanisms of metabolic surgery. In 2011 Dr. Kirchner began her post-doctoral studies with Juleen Zierath at the Karolinska Institute where she investigated epigenetic mechanisms that contribute to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Funded by the Emmy-Noether Program from the DFG Dr. Kirchner joined the CBBM in Lübeck in 2014 where she currently leads the Epigenetics & Metabolism group.
Universität zu Lübeck Germany
  • Session Neue Mechanismen für Prävention und Therapie des Diabetes Vorsitz
    Datum: 30.05.2019 , Zeit: 10:30 | Thema: Grundlagenwissenschaft
  • Vortrag Epigenetische Marker für Stratifizierung und Therapie des Diabetes Speaker
    Datum: 30.05.2019 , Zeit: 11:35 | Thema: Grundlagenwissenschaft