Diabetes Kongress 2019
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Dr. Daniela Fliegner
Daniela Fliegner is a Medical & Scientific Advisor for Internal Medicine at Pfizer Pharma GmbH (Pfizer Innovative Health). She is responsible for medical and scientific guidance for assigned specialty care products. Moreover this, she builds and develops enduring peer-to-peer relationships with healthcare professionals and institutions, creating constructive, cross-functional partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to generate customer insights and leverage business opportunities. She is aiming for the identification and evaluation of new health technologies as well as start-ups that work at the cutting edge of healthcare, and assessing their potential to drive significant improvements in patient outcomes and add value to the development or optimization of Pfizer´s therapeutic offerings. Prior to this role, Daniela Fliegner had several leadership roles within the Charité, Universtätsmedizin Berlin and Bayer AG, Wuppertal. There she gained extensive scientific knowledge and project management experience in the therapeutic areas of cardiology and hematology. During her career she established and contributed to many academic projects in basic and translational research, also with a strong focus on sex-specific effects as well as mechanisms in the healthy and diseased heart. Then she brought her attention towards cardiovascular industrial pharmaceutical research and expanded her knowledge in-depth in drug development processes and technology development at multiple levels- From Target Identification Towards Life Cycle Management. Daniela Fliegner has a PhD degree in Biology from the Humboldt-University Berlin and is also a certified communication manager.
Pfizer Pharma GmbH Germany
  • Vortrag Geschlechterunterschiede im Tiermodell – Unabdingbar für die moderne Pharmakologie Speaker
    Datum: 30.05.2019 , Zeit: 15:00 | Thema: Typ-2-Diabetes