Diabetes Online-Kongress 2021
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Dr. Martin Myers
Dr. Martin Myers, Jr., is the Marilyn H. Vincent Professor of Diabetes Research at the University of Michigan. Dr. Myers received his BA from Princeton University, and his MD and PhD from Harvard University. Dr. Myers began his independent research career at the Joslin Diabetes Center/Harvard Medical School in 1997; he joined the University of Michigan faculty in 2004. The Myers lab studies the mechanisms by which brain circuits contribute to the control of energy balance and metabolic homeostasis, including a major focus on leptin. Recent work also focuses on neural mechanisms that control glucose homeostasis and brainstem circuits that control feeding. Dr. Myers received the Jerome Conn and Basic Science Research Awards from the University of Michigan, Outstanding Scientific Achievement Awards from The Obesity Society and from the American Diabetes Association, and the Ernst Oppenheimer Award from the Endocrine Society. Dr. Myers directs the University of Michigan diabetes initiative (M-Diabetes) and the Michigan Diabetes Research Center and is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Diabetes.
University of Michigan United States
  • Session Targeting the brain Vorsitz
    Datum: 14.05.2021 , Zeit: 16:30 | Thema: Grundlagenwissenschaft
  • Vortrag The CNS control of metabolism Speaker
    Datum: 14.05.2021 , Zeit: 17:27 | Thema: Grundlagenwissenschaft

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