Diabetes Online-Kongress 2021
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Dr. Corinna Geisler
Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) Campus Kiel Germany
  • Vortrag Effects of Bile acid levels on gut microbial community metabolic processes, microbiome diversity and human metabolism and nutrition status Autor
    Datum: 13.05.2021 , Zeit: 11:15 | Thema: Typ-2-Diabetes
  • Vortrag Circulating sDPP-4 is increased in human subjects with obesity and related metabolic abnormalities and is altered in subjects hospitalized for severe COVID-19 infection Autor
    Datum: 13.05.2021 , Zeit: 15:58 | Thema: Komorbiditäten
  • Vortrag Differential effects of protein intake versus intake of a defined oligopeptide on FGF-21 in obese human subjects in vivo Speaker
    Datum: 14.05.2021 , Zeit: 09:54 | Thema: Posterkurzvortrag

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