31st European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference and 25th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Immunogenetics
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Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schaub
Universitätsspital Basel Switzerland
  • Presentation Pretransplant MFI is important Speaker
    Date: 31.05.2017 , Time: 17:00 | Topic: Novel technologies
  • Presentation Frequency and predictors of successful steroid withdrawal guided by surveillance biopsies Author
    Date: 31.05.2017 , Time: 18:15 | Topic: Solid organ transplantation
  • Presentation Donor-specificity but not broadness of sensitization is associated with antibody-mediated rejection and graft loss in renal allograft recipients Author
    Date: 31.05.2017 , Time: 18:20 | Topic: Solid organ transplantation
  • Presentation A previous miscarriage and a previous successful pregnancy have a different impact on HLA antibody formation during a subsequent successful pregnancy Author
    Date: 01.06.2017 , Time: 10:40 | Topic: Miscellaneous
  • Session Lunchsymposia One Lambda - Ten Years Development of Antibody Characterization Assays: Progress, Clinical Relevance and Unmet Needs Chair
    Date: 01.06.2017 , Time: 12:15 | Topic: Solid organ transplantation