31st European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference and 25th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Immunogenetics
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Nezih Cereb
Histogenetics United States
  • Presentation From whole gene sequencing to whole genome sequencing in humans Speaker
    Date: 31.05.2017 , Time: 18:10 | Topic: Novel technologies
  • Presentation Large scale whole gene sequencing provides new insights into the evolution and function of HLA class I introns and exons Speaker
    Date: 01.06.2017 , Time: 11:19 | Topic: MHC
  • Presentation How Advances in Genomic Technologies Impact our Understanding of Genetics of Immune response Speaker
    Date: 01.06.2017 , Time: 12:15 | Topic: Novel technologies
  • Presentation Unprecedented insights into full-length HLA polymorphism - new horizons Speaker
    Date: 02.06.2017 , Time: 12:45 | Topic: Novel technologies