Diabetes Kongress 2023
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Prof. Dr. Gernot Desoye
I am biochemist working at the Dept Ob/Gyn Dept, Medical Univ. Graz. My research has focused on effects of obesity and diabetes on the placenta and how this affects the fetus. Currently, I am visiting professor at the University of Copenhagen funded by the Danish Diabetes Academy. I coordinated the FP7-project DALI and was involved in several other European-wide projects, received several international awards and acted in different editorial functions for e.g. Placenta, Diabetologia.
Medizinische Universität Graz Austria
  • Vortrag Fetales Wachstum bei maternaler Adipositas – Die Rolle der Plazenta Speaker
    Datum: 17.05.2023 , Zeit: 15:59 | Thema: Komorbiditäten