Registration information 2023

The DGPPN Congress 2023 will take place from 29 November to 02 December in the CityCube Berlin. A digital programme will be offered for all those who are not able to participate on-site. Participants can take advantage of the early bird discount until 30 September 2023. Students and new members of DGPPN may even be able to participate free of charge. However, only a limited number of grants are available.

The Berlin+Online Package includes:

  • A ticket to the DGPPN Congress 2023 in the CityCube Berlin with access on all four days of the congress to the entire scientific programme and the Psyche and Art offerings. The workshop programme, which will only be offered on-site, can also be booked for an additional fee.
  • Access to the eight livestreaming rooms is also included. This will give you flexibility, for example if you prefer to watch certain CityCube events from home in the morning and meet your colleagues on-site in the afternoon or vice versa. The livestreamed programme will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing at a later date, probably until March 2024.

The Online Package includes:

  • Access to the livestream offerings only, i.e., to the events in eight rooms that will be livestreamed from the CityCube in November to an online congress platform and recorded for later on-demand viewing. The on-demand programme is expected to be available until March 2024.


Participants with a scientific contribution

    • Participants with an active scientific contribution will sign up for the Berlin+Online Package. Active congress participants must be present on-site and will not be able to present via Zoom.
    • Chairpersons and speakers of all formats are not exempt from the participation fee. Regular registration for the congress is a prerequisite for acceptance of a contribution.
    • Please first complete the fee-based congress registration and then submit your contributions. If your submission is not accepted for the scientific programme, you will have the option to cancel your congress participation free of charge until 30 September 2023.


More information

  • If you cancel by 30 September 2023, the participation fee will be refunded minus a 25% processing fee (this applies to participants without submission for the scientific programme).


Registration with a user account:

  • Login with your user data from previous years.
  • Then click on “Congress registration” and register for the DGPPN Congress 2023.
  • For the registration process, DGPPN members will need their membership number so please have your number at hand. You can find it on your last membership dues invoice.

New registration:

  1. Click on “Register as a participant” and follow the steps in the registration form.
  2. Choose the participant type:
    The participant type you choose will determine the services you can book and the prices. After choosing a type, you will be taken to the appropriate form for creating a new user account. The user account you create this year will remain valid for subsequent years.
  3. To register, DGPPN members will need their membership number so please have your number at hand. You can find it on your last membership dues invoice.
  4. Choose the correct fee.
  5. Confirm booking, which is subject to payment.
  6. Please pay the participation fee by bank transfer, SOFORT (online) bank transfer or direct debit.
  7. If your participation type requires a document as proof of eligibility, please upload it after completing your booking.


Implementation of the pharmaceutical advertising law at the DGPPN Congress

The pharmaceutical advertising law (PAL) mandates that only so-called expert groups are permitted to attend the industry exhibition, industry events and other industry offerings. There are comprehensive bans on public advertising that are regulated by Section 10 Paragraph 1 of the PAL:

“Advertising for prescription drugs must be limited to physicians, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and people who are permitted to do business with these drugs”.

Only the above-named persons are allowed to enter the areas presenting prescription drugs and the accordingly labelled industry sessions. All participants have unlimited access to all other areas of the trade exhibition.

The legislative regulation is available at: